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Faction Rules

Gang and Faction Rules & Guidelines
Admin mediation is available whenever needed. Open a ticket in Discord.



Gangs/Factions are currently capped at 8. That is in total. All members of the gang/faction must be provided to the staff team and will be stored in an official faction roster. This number is subject to change in the future.
The “4 man” rule still applies in all active situations. The only time all 6 members can participate is while you are on your own turf. Gang members involved in active situations, ranging from skirmishes to regular crime, must be on their own radio channel. Spotters and the like count towards the “4 man” count.
When recovering captured group members, the person you are rescuing is included in the 4 man count.


Factions are able to claim and hold down a territory, although they are not required to.
Multiple factions cannot have the same turf at the same time. However, turf can be fought over or split up.


Factions are not required to have colors.
To abide by the rules regarding numbers, should have no more than 8 people in total wearing the gang color.
It is suggested that factions do not press individuals outside of areas typically associated as being gang areas, such as the southside, for wearing certain colors.
If someone is wearing your colors/pieces of your specialized look, minding their own business and hanging out somewhere other than your turf, you should NOT engage with them in a negative manner due to the effects this can have, especially on newer players.
You are allowed to press a person if they are intentionally imitating your gang to give you a bad reputation.


After an active situation such as a shoot out, there needs to be at least a 30 minute cooldown period.
Situations should have a ping pong effect. One set group cannot start every situation. There has to be a back and forth between groups. Further explanation, Red gang starts a shootout with Blue Gang and Red Gang wins. After the cooldown, Blue Gang must start the next situation.


Alliances should not result in mega-groups forming. Similarly, alliances should not be used in a way to circumvent the cap on the numbers of individuals limited per group.


Groups experiencing long term conflict (war) must state initial reasoning and clear goals for ending the conflict. War must begin with an out-of-character discussion with all included and management and have a valid RP reasoning.
Groups must have a valid reason for group conflict, preferably built up over a number of incidents. Additionally, there should be options available for groups to get out of the conflict. A reasonable amount of money for tax, giving up territory, letting go of claim over a spot such as pawn or oxy runs, etc. Ordering a group to fold or attempting to force them to completely cease operations would be considered power gaming if pushed too hard. The side that has taken the most damage should typically be the one paying reparations.
In Wars, both groups wear their colors throughout the war. Groups cannot switch colors or wear blacked out clothing.
Wars may not last longer than 7 days. At the end of the 7 days, both groups involved begin a cooldown period of 7 days where they may not take part in another long term conflict.
Examples of valid reasoning to start a long term conflict including but not limited to;
Kidnapping a group leader or close family to a group leader
An attempt to remove a major source of income from the group.
An attempt to take a territory held by a group.
The goals must be obtainable and comparable in difficulty between sides. Examples of goals that could be used including but not limited to;
Turf Capture Negotiations between the two groups (In Character), a clear side winning in gang battles, a reasonable amount of money for tax, house robberies on turf, territory, bandana’s, etc.
Admins have the authority to exercise discretion with the guidelines set forth. They also may exercise discretion at any point to end a conflict.
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